I wanted to share this with you people. Its called aquaponics and its the process of raising fish ie talapia and growing hydroponic vegetables or cannabis...The premis is you have tanks where you grow your fish and seperate hydroponic tables that you grow your veggies or bud on...The most productive way is called the raft system where you have polystyrene foam boards that float on the water and you have holes on the boards where you place your plants....the water is a closed circuit recirculated from the fish tanks to the plant beds and back to the fish tanks. The fish waste ( poop and urine) are the food for your plants and the plants clean the water for the fish.... You get 100% organic veggies, cannabis and organic seafood from this system! The fish provide all the nutrients that the plants need so no extra fertilization is required... All you have to do is feed the fish which you can raise worms and thats your fish food! This seems ingenious to me and not only do you have a steady supply or organic bud but you also have fresh seafood at your disposal...There are kits for home systems and also bigger commercial systems for a business...I have ordered a kit that will produce enough food, bud, and seafood for my whole family and then some to put in my new greenhouse that Im building.
I wanted to see if anyone here has heard of this way of growing???? Its not new and dates back to Egypt where they would raise veggies on top of stocked fishing ponds and the University of the Virgin Islands have been doing this for 25 years....Click on this link and theres tons on info and details that I have not talked about...Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Organic - Systems, Consulting, Information, Design and Kits

I think this is the wave of the future!