did anyone besides me notice that almost every 'strain' description in the new HighTimes artical about chemdogs new gear are all hermie accidents!?
the 'strain' candychem is not even in seed form yet and itsa hermie chemD to a supersnowdawg.
this shit breaks my heart but hammers home how much HighTimes seems to 'sell out' just to make a buck. i will remain faithful to my favorite mag but i feel hugely let-down and i can't imagine the artical doing much good for chemdogs reputation as a breeder.
please try not to breed towards hermies for the good of all weed-kind.
i really want to know some of your thoughts on this. seems that a few of yall approved of the artical going by your comments on another forum about it. just shocks the shit outa me that hermies are being used and then the results are suddenly a 'strain'.