Whats up Breedbayers?! Lets blaze some Chocolope (Thai Pheno)!!!

Breeder: DNA Genetics
Strain: Chocolope
Lineage if known: O.G. Chocolate Thai x Cannalope
Grower: HerkBerk420
Judge: HerkBerk420
Type (sativa/indica ratio): 90/10

EYE APPEAL: Beautiful Nuggets, high calyx to leaf ratio, frosty. Great bag appeal.

<7> Density
<8> Aroma

COMMENTS: This bud has such a unique quality. I have never smoked either O.G. Chocolate Thai or Cannalope but this cross is fantastic! I've horded the small amount I harvested from my last run. I've been a little greedy smoking most of this to my head. I've been sharing some of my other strains with my friends.


<8-9> Potency
<9> Taste
<10> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
<10> Indica Influence
<90> Sativa Influence
<2> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
<2-3> Duration (In hours)
<2> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
<10> Overall Satisfaction

COMMENTS: Let me start by saying this is some very smooth smoking bud. On the inhale it is extremely smooth with virtually no lung expansion, just a divine feeling in your lungs. You can hold a hit in as long as you want without any discomfort in the lungs. The taste is a deep chocolate with a sweet creamy honey type of flavor on the exhale. The lingering smoke smell so good in the air! As you hold the smoke in you feel an immediate rush to the head. The third eye and your top chakra begin radiating with a blissful clear feeling. As the high settles in you begin to feel it in your center pretty heavy, you feel the high strong from your center all the way up to the top of your head. Your limbs are not heavy at all but they are tingling As the high settles in more you really begin to feel a warming in your chest area. Your head is clear with a psychedelic edge, the high doesn't feel too racy, it's pretty laid back and aware with a psychedelic undertone. Smoked in higher quantities its pretty intense. Lightweights should probably not smoke too much of this weed. I have not found a ceiling on this weed yet however I've been conserving what I have so I haven't consumed higher quanties many times.

High Description: laid back blissful and aware with a psychedelic undertone
Smell: Sweet, dank, chocolaty undertones
Taste: Chocolaty, sweet dankness.
Medical Effects: This weed will put a smile on my face every time.
<yes> Medicinal Strength

<yes> YES
<> NO

FINAL COMMENTS: I am very satisfied with this strain. I love this pheno. I also have a more cannalope leaning Chocolope pheno that yields probably twice as much as this one. I don't care if she's not a big yeilder, good things come in small packages. The pics in this post were from my first run of this strain from seed. She's running again now and smells twice as dank as last time! She also has lost most of her stretch from clone which is excellent. She is Dank!!!

PEACE -HerkBerk420