Strain; Leda uno
Breeder; Kc Brains
Genetics; Brazilian x Thai x Kc 606 x Leda uno
Sativa/Indica; 60/40
Grower; Dice

I started these seeds outdoors in peat cups, full of compost, and perlite.
I then trans planted them June 18th to 7 gallon baskets.
The basket's have big holes cut in the bottom, so the roots can grow down in to the top soil. 10 inchs under the top soil is clay.
The soil I use is my own mix,
Compost mannuer - 70% humus 30% manner
Worm castings
Peat moss
Small bark chunks
cocoa shell mulch
Alphlfa bites
Epsum salt
Bat gunno
bird gunno
bone/blood meal
Kelp/seaweed meal
cotten seed meal
Dolmitic lime
Coffee grounds
egg/crab shells
iron ore dust
green sand
rock phosphate
white rice
Perlite and vermiculite.
I mix this at home, and carry out in 100 pound feed corn bags.

Leda uno is a medium to heavy feeder. I top dress with bat gaunno, bird gunno, kelp meal, and bone/blood meal. I pre mix this in a coffee can and add 1 tabble spoon to the top soil and water in. I did this every two weeks.
Leda uno is slow in the veg state but once she starts to flower she takes off. Going from about 3.5 feet to 7 foot in 60 days.
She finshed outdoors in the Mid west on October 10th.

Hears sum early flowering pics.

Hears Leda uno a few weeks later putting on weight on turning colors.

Getting big...

Then finnely the end..

Hears another pheno....

Both plants finshed the same day.
The first plant had a very lemon flavor sour lemon candy mixed with haze spice.
A 1 hit wounder, 1 hit had ya stoned and it kicked in instenly, before you could exhale.
The other girl had a liter lemon taste and more of the haze flavor, and cinnomon. It also had a hard hitting stone just not as fast of onset.

I enjoyed this strain very much and it will allways be in my garden. Watch for an up coming indoor thread.
Thanks for reading,