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Thread: Jack Cleaner II 'the duece'

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    Default Jack Cleaner II 'the duece'

    Breeder: Subcool TGA
    Strain: Jacks Cleaner 2
    Lineage if known: Jack CleanerP1XJack the Ripper
    Grower: BKGMITTS
    Judge: BKG and brother
    Type (sativa/indica ratio):80/20-I think


    <5> Density
    <8> Aroma

    COMMENTS: Buds are beautiful, covered in resin and brown hairs.. Not dense at all this run but it was my bad didn't give her all the love she needed this round. Pale green suger covered spear heads..


    <9> Potency
    <8> Taste
    <7> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
    <5> Indica Influence
    <95> Sativa Influence
    <1> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
    <4> Duration (In hours)
    <1> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
    <8> Overall Satisfaction

    COMMENTS: Buds fall apart easily for bowl packing or rolling a joint, I ALWAYS use scissors but other complain of the super glued fingers. Still has a bite even when flushed well and cured well.. these and the void bud are my best curing ever, Very proud of myself

    High Description: Very visual and spacey I find myself gazing into nothing and forget what I was typing. Very inspirational in short burst, if I time it right I get alot of writing done..
    Smell: Lemon and spice
    Taste: Lemon and burn
    Medical Effects: Depression, insomnia, and help w/my bi-polar disorder haven't snapped in like 2 weeks
    <X> Medicinal Strength

    <X> YES
    <> NO

    FINAL COMMENTS: Lemon or citrus in general is not really my thing I prefer fruity or eathy flavor, exotics and sweets.. but I still find myself very excited when I reach for this jar, 1 of my to favs now yet I'm still bout the gettin stoned. Favorite bud in the mornin with coffee and juices

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