Breeder: TGA
Strain: Dairy Queen AKA DANK#1
Lineage if known: UK Cheese X C99

Grower: Speaks
Judge: same
Type (sativa/indica ratio): 70/30


<6-8> Density
<10> Aroma

Variances in Phenotypes are a bit of a pain in the arse but the end product makes up for it.


<7-9> Potency
<8> Taste
<6> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
<5> Indica Influence
<5> Sativa Influence
<1-4> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
<1-2> Duration (In hours)
<?> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
<8> Overall Satisfaction


High Description: Body/frontal lobe
Smell: Absolute Stank, varied from Roadkill Skunk to Floral Skunk
Taste: Tart sweet skunk
Medical Effects:
<6> Medicinal Strength

Nah I'll run a few more now that I know what to look for in terms of phenotypes…

Ok first off I'll start by explaining my ratings. I was basing the results on 4 plants all flowered at the same size and given the same coco and the same food. All things being equal the variances in phenotypes was a tad tricky to decipher. All plants being untopped there was one phenotype that didn't side branch at all, zip, in the end it was a single cola 12” long with the odd offshoot lower down. This Phenotype we'll call ROADKILL because it smelled so foul it reminded me a lot of a roadkill skunk I grew in 90-92…. Yeild was disappointing coming in at a whopping 10grams for a 14” plant LOL but the herb from this plant was UNFUNKIN REAL, Instant buzz that whacked your frontal lobe and made thought kinda hard and gave you that squishing headband feeling. Taste was pure skunk and rather creamy. RED EYE EXTREME from this, no idea why I never get real red eyes any more but this gave me spooky eye. Kinda sad I didn't get a cut of this now but with it only giving me 10grams I woulda passed no matter how special, still takes up room….. The other three pheno's all took on your typical Christmas tree stature but varied in bud structure, One was tight and looked quite like a Space queen in many ways, another was foxtail city with calyxs stacking everywhere, the third was a rock hard tight HUGE calyxs that looked like an old school skunk…. Smells on these ranged from Skunk to close to the road kill but most of the nastiness was hidden by the typical sweet Cindy smell. Buzz profiles on these range from a great daytime smoke for the Spacequeen looking pheno to a great bedtime smoke for the foxtaily lady. The Tight huge calyx plant is still in bloom and should be ready in a week or two so give me a month for a comp. Overall a great cross, although if your looking for phenotypical stability its probably not going to be your cup of tea. If what your looking for is a unique hybrid that unlocks some of the closest to ROADKILL SKUNK genes I've came across since the early 90's then this is your girl. There are going to be some killer gems in this cross mark ol'Speaks words friends. Stanky Dank for sure and well worth the space again, 5 more just sprouted in the nursery, Peace.