what is this??? is it really petey mcenroe's computer tower grow cab?? did he really post this??


step 1

get a computer tower. it can be new, old, or whatever.....they all work just as well

step 2

your gunna want to gut it an take out sum of the front pieces. the hole in the front will be used for ventilation. it would also be a good idea to write down the size of your area

step 3

measure on the top, where the holes to hang the lights will be made. remember measure twice hammer once.

step 4

in the holes you made, stick sum bolts in them. these will hold the lights. the best way i found to hang the lights was to screw on a nut all the way to the top really tight an the hang the light on a pain of nuts below on the bolt. this will make you able to adjust your light height.

step 5

hang the vent fan in the hole we made earlier on the front of the cab. i used zip ties, but you can use whatever you want. this also might be a good time to grind up sum bud so you can roll a joint......thats what i did at step 5, and it is highly recomended.

step 6

your done. get growing. smoke the joint you rolled in step 5. thanks for checkin this out.

special thanks to ganjapete for pushing me to post this. i hope it can help sumone out.