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    Thread: Jillybean - Seed to Stoned

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      Default Jillybean - Seed to Stoned

      Greetings everyone

      I am going to be documenting the growth and flowering of Jillybean by TGA. I have long wanted to try this one, and I am very excited to see what comes of this grow.

      Jillybean is a cross between an Orange Velvet female and a Space Queen male, the famous "Space Dude". I know the breeding power of Space Dude as I have seen consistent examples from crosses of it such as Space Queen, Jack the Ripper, and Querkle. I have always been intrigued by the description of Orange Velvet, and I am always impressed by the colors I've seen folks show from grows of OV. I continue to hear this strain described as candy pot, and I am tending to become more focused on flavors these days.

      First, I want to give an overview of what can be expected from this grow...

      Seed Germination and Early Growth
      I will be starting these seeds in coco media under T5 fluorescent lights. I will be using EZ Phase 1 coco for seed germination used in 3 inch cube containers. The T5 fluorescent light is a two foot fixture with four bulbs. All bulbs are blue spectrum bulbs.

      Vegetative Growth
      I will be vegging these plants for at least 6 or 7 weeks before they go into flowering. Some of the early vegging will continue under the T5 fixture until the plants are large enough (about 4 to 6 inches) to be transplanted to one gallon containers. I would predict this transplant will occur around the third week of vegetative growth. Once we get to the one gallon containers, I will be using Botanicare's Cocogro coco media. I will place the one gallon plants under a 400W Metal Halide (Hortilux Blue). Also, either a few days before or a few days after the transplant, I will be topping the plants to encourage bushy growth. I will be using Botanicare nutrients and supplements which include Triflex, Pure Blend Original, Liquid Karma, and Cal-Mag. I will also be using some other products including Hygrozyme, Mycorrhizae, and Hydrogen Peroxide. Ideally, I will know the sex of all plants before moving them into the flowering room. In the last week of vegetative growth, I will transplant these one gallon plants to three gallon containers using more Cocogro.

      Flowering Phase
      According to what I have read, this strain will need 55 to 60 days of a flowering lighting schedule (12 hours on and 12 hours off). For flowering, I will be placing the plants in a 7 foot by 8 foot room with two 1000W HPS lights (Hortilux), aircooled and on light movers. I have two osscillating fans for air circulation. During the flowering phase, I will be monitoring the growth of the plant with the intent of calculating and graphing the stretch each plant experiences during the first three to four weeks of the flowering cycle. I will continue to use Botanicare nutrients which will then include Hydroplex. For extra carbohydrates starting around week four, I will be using Techniflora's Sugar Daddy. As the plants develop and the buds grow, I will document noticable differences and similarities between the plants. Should be fun

      Also, this thread will be huge when it is all said and done. To make it easier to find things, I will be providing links in this first post to each of the grow log updates. So be sure to come back to this first post to find the update you are looking for.

      Seedling germination and Early Growth
      8-7-2008 through 8-18-2008
      8-19-2008 & 8-20-2008
      8-21-2008 through 8-24-2008
      8-25-2008 through 8-28-2008

      Vegetative Growth
      8-29-2008 through 9-5-2008 - First transplant and plants now under 400W MH
      9-7-2008 through 9-10-2008 - Topped plants. Keeping an eye on JB3
      9-11-08 through 9-20-08 - Some clones rooted. JB3 doing better & topped.
      9-21-2008 through 9-25-2008 - 4 females confirmed, transplant for some

      Flowering Phase
      9-28-2008 & 9-29-2008 - 9-29 is Day 1 of flowering. JB 2, 4, 5, 7 & 9 are girls. Pruning.
      9-30-2008 through 10-3-2008 - Through Day 5 of flowering

      I didn't finish this one like I would have liked, below are links to the final posts

      Jillybean Conclusion
      Jillybean 2- Tall Pheno, Orange Smell and Taste. Keeper
      Jillybean 4- Short Pheno, Sweet smell and taste. Keeper
      Jillybean 5- Short Pheno, not bad, but not as good as the others
      Jillybean 7- Tall Pheno, nice plant, nice high and worth a second run
      Jillybean 9- Tall Pheno, excellent yeilder but others had better taste

      Subcool's Pheno Examples
      Jillybean - Orange Skunk Pheno
      Jillybean - Candy Store Pheno

      MzJill's Examples
      Jillybean flowering pictures with flowering day reference


      Unless you are completely nerdified on the tiniest of details like me, hehe, you may begin to loose your mind staring at plants smaller than your finger. In the meantime, you may want to check out these links for more Jillybean information

      Jilly Bean.. in depth report -- By MzJill
      ~ Blooming ~ 5 TGA shrubs ~ under T-5's -- By Blazaholic
      Jillybean and Nap -- By Daverama
      ~*ITYK's Bloom Room, Packed to the Brim! Jillybean, Dannyboy BX, Moonflower, and Our Diesel*~ -- By ITeachYourKids!
      pandora's box of love and refried jillybean's -- By mxpx
      1 sexy Jillybean -- By minitrkn420, pizza maker extroidinare
      i found Orange velvet In MzJills Candymix -- By minitrkn420, extreme 'mater grower

      I just did some quick searches to find these links. I CHALLENGE YOU fellow Breebayers to post your Jillybean grow links or share your favorite Jillybean threads or pictures. Also, this thread is open for Jillybean discussion. Share your grow and smoke experiences. I would love to see some Orange Velvet shots. All that I ask is you give me as much info as you can (example: Day of flowering, smells, lights used, media used, nutrients, etc.). Also, ask me questions. Be prepared for me to ask you questions, hehe. I don't know everything, and I never will. I can try to make tomorrow better than today which is why I put so much work into these threads. It is fun to learn especially when the subject is weed, hehe.

      I want to thank Subcool and MzJill for giving me this opportunity to try these seeds. I really appreciate your kind words and your confidence.

      The next post will begin the grow log....

      Thanks for looking

      Small Potatoes
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