Breeder: Subcool TGA
Strain: Querkle
Lineage if known: (Urkle x Space Queen)
Grower: Small Potatoes
Judge: Multiple spuds
Type (sativa/indica ratio): Very heavy indica

<10> Density
<8> Aroma

Very rarely do you find a strain that produces females so uniform in growth traits, bud form, and high. My Querkle buds are the most dense I have ever grown. Also, this is probably the heaviest indica that I have ever smoked. It appears to be an oxymoron to consider the term 'high' when describing Querkle as the buzz experienced is very sedative and gives the toker a medicated feel. Querkle, without a shadow of a doubt, is a perfect complement to a smoker looking to relax after a long day. Not a social weed, Querkle will leave the smoker numb in the brain and slightly confused. I enjoy Querkle before bed and it puts me right to sleep.

My favorite pheno (Querkle 6) has a red wine or 'Merlot' taste. This refined grape flavor has become quite popular in my circle, and is a 'must have' for those indica fans.

<9> Potency
<9> Taste
<9> Smoothness (1 = harsh 10 = smooth)
<10> Indica Influence
<-12> Sativa Influence
<5> Effect Onset (1 = immediate 10 = super creeper)
<2> Duration (In hours)
<4> Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
<9> Overall Satisfaction

High Description: Sedative and a feeling of being medicated. Sleep inducing weed perfect for couch relaxation and unwinding.
Smell: Sweet grapey tones
Taste: Refined flavor similar to red wine
Medical Effects: Although I don't smoke for medicinal purposes, this heavy indica appears to me to be perfect for someone requiring a sedative affect. Exellent appetite stimulation and full body relaxation are prevalant with Querkle

<IMO, 8> Medicinal Strength

<> NO

I think someone choosing Querkle with the desire to find my exact pheno will find it easy to acquire. Querkle produces dense, compact, short plants that are easy to grow. With a little extra veg time, a grower can improve yeild, although I must say I am quite impressed with what Querkle produced from a short veg time and a small, 2 gallon flowering container.

The toke on Querkle 3 tastes similar to a cherry cordial. Sort of a mouth overload followed by a pleasant aftertaste. I found that Querkle 3 made me focus on only one thing and block out all other distractions. I was very relaxed after just a few tokes on Querkle 3.

Querkle 6, probably just slightly my favorite, is what I am now calling my 'Merlot' pheno. I can clearly taste red wine, and more specifically Merlot, after a toke on Querkle 6 from a clean bowl. I knew to expect a grapey taste from Querkle, but to taste such a refined boquet floored me a little. The high from Querkle 6 was very sedative like Querkle 3, and sort of makes me feel like a bobblehead and a little confused at times. Like I said, not social weed at all, but perfect for end of the day relaxation.