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Thread: Custom Bong Vodka Bong lol

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    Cool Custom Bong Vodka Bong lol

    This is pretty cool. what you see here is Bong Vodka from Holland. Itz and actual liquor that is meant to be converted into a Bong after you finish the bottle. i saw these in High Times a couple of months ago so i decided to pick one up at the local liquor store. it cost me $45.

    there are several google searches in regards to converting these into bongs as well as YouTube videos posted. I took this over to a glass blower buddy of mine to drill the hole out for the stem and bowl and he drilled thru the bottle cap as well. The cap actually works out as a really kick ass splash guard when you hit the bong. The bowl cost me $25 an it matches up with the bong perfectly and voila!

    all in all this beauty hitz like a champ!

    what do you all think??

    thanks for stopping by!
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