Well this is the second time ive had to re-locate my diary thread lol... its becoming habit......

Heres the story, i grow my stash in a cabinet that i built in my garage. I also grow in the back garden and put what little sun we get in the UK to good use.

The strains i am growing at the moment are:

Suny's 'Floater'.
BOG's 'Lifesaver'.
BOG's '3B Medley'. (Bluemoonrocks,BOGbubble,BOGglegum).
BOG's 'Sour Bubble'.

I just switched the lights to 12/12 last weekend so they are well on the way, clones have been taken and i have a beutiful Floater female... she has got wicked purple colouring and will make a great mother for my signiture strain..

I plan to cross Floater and Lifesaver together and Back cross, outcross and inbreed untill i am truly satisfied with the end product...i:e mindblowing head stash..

I got loads of pics to upload so bear with me, i should have them up by tomorrow.......

Stay frosty and keep it green!!!