Well I put down the deposit today on a booth at Pax party house for the 2006 Hightimes Cannabis Cup.
I still don't know all the details as far as entering but I am going to unfold our mater plan to make our mark on our first trip as a contestant.

Ready for the Pinky and the Brain style plan.
We plan to take this strain.

Enter it in the Seed Company category

Stone everyone so badly at the Pax with Bonghits and Cookies they won't ever forget us.

I am smoking some of the other female now and it is just intense and 2-3 bowls and your just high as Bens Kite. It is a bit harsh at first a trait JC passed on but once it starts to carbolize the sugars add a nice sweet flavor to the smoke.

Lets look at Trichome production at day 55?

Really nice and some amber forming a few more days.

lets crank up the flash?

I know you guys love those single blade leaf shots I get.

Up close its all JC

But this now famous to me resin curl is all JTR

Ok full shots coming you have to see this