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    Thread: "The Dirtbag Andy Technique"

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      Default "The Dirtbag Andy Technique"

      I saw something Big Sir was talking about on another site, mainly about spreading bag seed in the woods when taking walks or fishing. This jogged an ancient memory. Back in the early eighties I used to know this dude in ohio, we called him Dirtbag Andy. He would take all the bag seed he deemed worthy enough to save, and mix them in clay and let that harden. He would carry these seed chunks with him in the woods hunting or hiking and break off little seed laced peices and throw them here and there in likely spots (clearings with neetles, berry patches ect..). He did most of this in the winter or early spring. Then he would go back the next fall, he always had a decent harvest. His thinking was the clay helped protect the seeds till spring time, also his theory was that deer and other critters would step on these clay chunks in the wet season actually planting them. This has got to be the most passive guerrilla grow technique there is . Another thing about this guy, he was one lazy m.f., I'm talking too lazy for personal hygiene even, (hence the name), but I saw some impressive results none the less. It was not uncommon for him to find several 10 ft plus plants covered in buds through out the fall. Another foot note being a stoner, and an exceptionally lazy one at that, Andy would often space where he hiked and totally miss plants from time to time only to find the spot a year or two later and instead of one or two plants he would find an established "stand" of pot plants instead. So if any of ya'll are hiking around Northwest ohio, and happen up on a wild pot patch, don't assume it is the worthless hemp variety they have been trying to eradicate since world war two, because it just might be a legacy from Dirtbag Andy.
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