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Hortilux MH Blue

I have been hearing so much about these extremely expensive “Blue” bulbs I finally had to get one and try it out for everyone.

Model # MT1000B-D/HOR/HTL-Blue
Daylight Grow Lamp

Retail is like 219usd but thank goodness me and the hydro store guy get along and he gave me a 42$ discount. I visit him almost every time I visit and today I dropped some new tunes on him. He gives me discount on almost everything but he seemed to really struggle with charging so much for the bulb.

I have always been a fan of Hortilux but reports of some bad HPS bulbs worried me. I now run a 1k HPS Hortilux and this new Blue bulb in veg.
I moved the 1100 Watt Sun master into main veg.

You can see how blue the bulb is in this picture I shot with F-stop almost closed and also one showing how brite the damn thing is. I will update once all the budding plants are out and the next round is completely loaded but you can already see a few I have moved in.