I just want to take a moment to thank the BreedBay staff.

I recently moved to the 'boldt and everyone talks of how hard it is to grow and about how long it took them to get it down,learn the ins and outs and the dos and donts. One guy talked about how long it took him to learn about guano and worm castings and this chick over here was all boohooing about her crop that is suffering. These people just don't get it.

The internet is the shiznit. You can get on it and find BreedBay and the amazing staff and users and learn a decades worth of experience in a very short amount of time. Now I know...things still happen and practice makes for perfection. But thanks to BreedBay the process for us newbies is growing shorter and easier all the time.

I am so lucky to know who i know and chat with who I chat with and to have made the connections and the true friends I have through BreedBay and other spots on the net over the years. I am blessed.

Thanks BreedBay I love you!!!