Well i dont like to spend my time in this kind of negative things but i believe is important to communicate to the public and growers what kind of person Queijo is. Sorry if i can not express perfectly but english is not my native lenguage.

People have had many problems in Queijo's site. Will comment some of them.

1. When he opened his site, my collective ACE Seeds, agreed to distribute seeds through his website. We sent him many seeds in advance for his shop but he has never payed us for our work. We have been asking about our money for mounths and still waiting. Queijo has stolen and manipulate all the other seed banks and breeders he agreed to distribute.

2. Many of his customers have been ripped off too. Customers started to post in his forums that seeds didnt arrive after mounths of wait. Many people has sent him money, but they have never recived anything except lies and more lies.

We started to see the problem when customers that ordered our seeds in his site, started to email us because they didnt recived anything after pay him. Our collective sent free seeds to all the Queijo's victims that orderered our seeds in his site.

3. The haze lines he's using for sell came from our colective. We sent him selected haze clones for being given to the original owner of the genetics. But the genetics have never arrived to the original source. Instead he have kept the clones for him and to produce untested seeds for sell.

4. Many innocent breeders have sent him landrace seeds and IBLs and they have only received manipulations and more lies in exchange.

4. His site was a filthy lie since the beginning. He has been using different nicks in order to make the people to trust in his shop and site. When customers started to post in his forums that they were not receiving the ordered seeds, he kept lying and closed his forum and shop.

Mriko is one of his last victims. Mriko sent to Queijo many landrace seeds in order to get money for his travels to Pakistan. Mriko posted from Pakistan how Queijo lied him and didnt sent him the promised money.

Then Queijo closed his forums and shop so future victims can not read the truth from him.

There are many other things to comment but i believe is enough by now so people can get an idea of his personality. There's no doubt he's inteligent and knows how to talk and manipulate people. But please dont send him your money or seeds, he's not a good person.

Queijo, as i told you weeks ago. Start to think in get a job because your future as a cannabis seed seller is rotten.

The seed delay sounds like another of his tricks to get money from innocent growers. Be sure you are not going to recive anything except lies and manipulation.