Today I started to kit out the Breed Chamber, but first i thought id give a few pointers on how to wrap and seal it and then add a zipdoor.

These Chamber kits come supplied with the plastic white sheeting, so when you have your completed framework ready , ensure you have a dew metres to work with around your frame..

Unfold you plastic sheeting and throw it over the top of the chamber to form 2 walls and your roof..

tack it along a straight edge and then you can tension it as you pull it over the top to create the ceiling and opposite wall..

bottom edge tacked every 6"

I then usually flip it up on its back so i can tape the edges on the bottom of all the walls, i use metal duct tape as this seals really well.

Metal taped edges...

Just the front wall to add and then the doorway..

Unroll your double zips and roll 1 out with the zipper at the bottom..

try to keep the zips straight as you take off the greaseproof paper backing, this bondtape really sticks, it wont come off once on, so take your time..

Zipper Seal, nice and tight, smell proof

Next, open the zippers to the top revealing the plastic still intact inbetween your zips,

take a blade and slice inbetween the zips all the way down, repeat for both zipper and then cut the plastic

along the bottom from 1 zip to the other to create your door flap...

Thats about it...

You can obviously devide the internal space exactly how you require either 1 2x1m space and 2 x 1m2 spaces etc.. im just going to use 3m2 floorspace and leave 1m2 for me to manouvre around in the tent when all the kit and plants are in..

Next update... adding extraction, temp control, Carbon Filter and Air Cooled LIghts.