Just thought I'd share some pics from my Daughter's Birthday present that she's about to receive. I couldn't help myself!!

I bought her an Olympus Stylus 500 5.0 megapixel digital. As you can see below, it takes some wonderful pics but still no ultra-macro trichome shots. It's about $399.00 brand new. I got this one on EBAY, very lightly used, for $132.00 and it came with a 512mb photo card which runs $89.99 by itself! Not bad. $132.00 plus 10.00 more for shipping for $488.00 worth of camera. Hell, the software hadn't even been opened and I just registered the camera and got a full warranty plus 90 days extended, just for registering online! WoooooHOOO!

Here's a few shot of a bud of TRC's Mary Jane grown by the Texas Kid and gifted to me a couple of weeks ago. It's been picked on a bit but she still looks tasty, don't she? Believe me, this is some wonderful bud!

Not bad for the first pics with this camera! I have the Stylus 300 myself but this one blows away the 300 for taking nice tight shots. These were taken with a tripod, no flash with a big flashlight shining on the bud, in macro mode.

I think I could do better with a little more time with the camera but, as the thread title says, this one's my Daughter's. Damn, maybe I could sell mine on Ebay and get another 500! Hmmm, brain storms . . . . brain storms! lol