My current grow room which did have 2 600 watters in there now down to 1 cause ov heat problems with open reflectors adjusta wings

So i have started a new grow which im in the progress ov doing and i thought iwould get some input from the pros

I know i should wait till my other crop is done before i start doing more rooms but i carnt help it i love my ladies but anyways

Im planning on using 3-4 400 watters in stead ov the 2 600 i tryed last time it gets way to hot and now im running 1 in there instead which does worry me will this be enough

But here is what i plan to do im going to use 3 400 watt lights in air cooled reflecters proberly the cool tubes on a 150 mm fan 660m3
Then have a fan 125mm doing about 400m3 and a air circulation fan 18inch proberly i was going to go for flood and drain but i have changed my mind and im going for the dripper system the wilma any suggestions on which medium to use i was going to use root riots then put them in to the larger rockwool cubes sitting in proberly clay pebbles just because i got a big bag left any thoughts on my plan so far guys.

No change ov plan again im going to use the wilma on another grow i
think im going to go for flood and drain again and have the 3 400 watters air cooled same fans and such with a 20 or 24 pot flood and drain system

But im still going to do a dripper system will a 16pot dripper system be allright under one 400 watt light or will i have to go for the 600 i would prefer the 400 as im going to have a couple ov 16 site dripper systems running off 400 would bring the heat down a bit im going to have 2-3 off them side by side so it will prob get hot

Pics will be following i have them on the cam but i aint got the wire yet i have been mega busy