Well I did a photo shoot today and then sat here for 2 hours trying to come up with some text. I couldn't even get started so you see this. This is one of the healthiest crops I have had since I used to run CO2 down south. I have to come clean with my mistakes as well, you've seen my Sub Super Soil recipe.


I thought I would share with you some things I have learned recently..

I want to caution everyone again if you use this as directed don't feed your damn plants!! I can't be more clear and even though I knew this I ignored my own advise(I do this a lot) and last crop was one of the worst ever as far as yield amazingly Jill and I were just commenting that burning the plants with to much nutrients seemed to make everything finish faster? Lets hope there is not a lot of experience on this theory.

I want to first show you Apollo-13 about as good as she gets. If you over heat her she gets thin airy buds that are mostly stick and pod but if you keep her nice and cool under 80 direct canopy temperature she will swell as you see here in these amazing pictures. I told someone the other day I don't know a lot about photography but I nailed almost every shot I took and only a few were discarded. My main style is using flash in TTL pre flash in macro mode that's the dark back ground and stand out trichomes I like so much and also I shoot in Aperture priority using a TTL BL ( Backlit) setting with the exposure setting at +.7.

I would like to take a class so I know what I have done right to get the shots I like but whats important is I can fiddle with the settings enough to get a lot of great shots to record what the strains and plants really look like to the human eye. I think I am getting better at this so I am making progress. Pistils can tell you how frustrating a SLR is the day you get it.

Lighting is everything with pictures but taking pictures of Cannabis is very different for a few reasons. Many people cannot move there plants from out under there HID lighting and this makes it extremely hard to get a good spectrum if you can't go mobile with your plants then move the good lighting into the room just before lights on and work fast!

If you can set up a area it only takes about 4x4 and some cheap white cloth to make a box and then a few CFL's to shine either on the plant or bounce of the sheet according to desired effect. This one thing along with a back drop is why I take such great pictures.
Like growing weed the set up can be everything.

Ok Macro?

Coming up Soul Cleaner!