I thought id document the process of building the 2x2x2m Growtents that i think are the best way to setup a new growspace and especially useful for breeding setups as they can be completely sealed with tape and plastic sheeting and then you simply stick on 2 dustsheet zippers and open the zips and cut the plastic to create a smell tight sealed doorway especially when negatively pressured with good extraction.

2m x 2m x 2m GROWSPACE

Each step is simply adding each piece together one at a time and thinking 1 step ahead while your doing it, not that it matters coz if you make a mistake you can simply knock the fittings off by sliding a piece of wood towards it from behind.. simply the opposite of tapping a fitting on, your tapping it off so to speak..

picture 1
so make sure you have enough space and either a wooden mallet or a piece of wood to use to tap the fittings on, do not bash them onto a concrete (cement) floor as they may shatter.

picture 2
now line all your smaller sections up and start with these (see pic1) you will need 8 x shorter lengths and the right fittings, 4 x 3 way corners, 4x 3 way T's.
So, line up your first pieces on the floor and add the £ way T inbetween the two shorter lengths. See (pic...2)

picture 3
Tap each piece together with a block of wood or wooden mallet

Repeat and think about what each piece needs to connect to when choosing fittings.

8 steps later you have your base complete

Next add your 8 uprights

Then next put your cross section together with the only star fitting

fit on top and then you have 8 smaller sections to join the corners and 4x 3 way corner fittings to complete the framework

Above shows a badly connected joint

Above shows a perfect strong joint.

Simply repeat as shown in picture, its as simple as 2 straights and a left bend, 2 straights and a left bend, two straights and a left bend and then just 2 more straights to end where you started.. add your uprights , the longer lengths, then build the crossmember that spans the roof section and add the 4 way T pieces at each end to meet the uprights and the next smaller pieces to complete the cube.

I am adding a carbon and some more support struts to mine, i will update this thread as and when i do each stage..