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    Thread: 3 Jacks Cleaner2's

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      Default 3 Jacks Cleaner2's

      Hi, this thread is about three Jacks Cleaner2 newborn seedlings and one seed germed about an hour ago! I don't know about you, but JC2 for me is like hitting the lottery! When's the last chance you could even find any, let alone buy some? Anyhow, this definitly is a BIG DEAL to me because I had decided that JC would one of the building blocks of a new med strain I am working on for chronic pain easement. It is very cool that, if your life is in order and you pass that on to others, it has a way of comming back to you in some real beautiful ways, like Karma.

      I just do what I believe I am suppose to do and I am plugged in! I was meditating on what needed to happen to find the building blocks for this new medicine creation and I intuitively knew that Jacks Cleaner would be the base because of it's wonderful properties. I am told JC has about 6 different things in her, so you got to respect the breeder who came up with this creation! The JC is some what energizing, which will be ideal for a daytime smoke platform, I am not sure how many pheno's JC has but I feel that it might only have one.

      Anyhow, I have 2 JC2's in 4"x4"x18" deep treepots and a 3rd seed 'popped' this morning. God willing, the baby will go into soil tomorrow morning. Here are 2 pictures. It is just amazing what these little green weakling turn into and can do for mankind! If the American Dollar ever dies, I will bet you that your buds will be just ad sood as gold and probably alot easier to tradin on stuff than pieces of gold. "Weed can get you through times of no money, but money can't get you through times of no weed!"
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