Well it's time to update the JCB female that I selected to run a second time.
I am not happy with her size and as I reported I did not find a batgirl style plant.
The wrinkle is what I do have smells pretty freaking incredible and shes turning that Vic shade of blue already at like 45 days or so.

Lets take a peak.

So I don't see it being a question of dank but if I want to keep another smal but dealy plant in my head stash garden?

There is a lemon smell, a Bazooka Joe Bubblegum smell and a slight berry odor as well.

Now that your drooling hers the let down.

Not alot of meat to show.

Lets hope shes exceptional or the clone dosn't leg so bad. As tall as she was and even broke over she never recieved ful lighting.