So I moved my healthy mammas into flower last week on 4/20. Using B.C.'s lineup I fed them according to technaflora's website on first week of bloom, the lighter feed. Now a few of them are exhibiting signs that something is wrong.

On a couple, the older lower leaf tips started to droop and point down, then brown up and die at the tip. All the while the leaf started to loose its color from the edge out. Now all those leaves are pretty much brittle to the touch. Other leaves are starting to fold over, the edges pointing down. New leaf tips are also drooping and pointing down. Seems like it is either burn or potassium defeciency...thought I would drop this on the bay and see what the masters or more experienced had to say....all input appreciated......peace..................Blazin

as of now I'm flushing for a few days with R/O PHed water, then maybe try different level or nutes....only question is more or less?

will also hopefully have digi by tomorrow, so I can post a few pics of what I'm talkin' bout!