All right then, were to start? I guess by setting the tone for this thread. First and for most everyone is welcome here no matter weather or not your new or aged with experience.
The purpose of this journal is for me to keep track of all that I've got going on, and to be a place for me to take notes as to my finding's with o2 supplementation to the root zone of soil plants. (mud bubbler's ). It's very easy, you simple place an aquarium air stone in the bottom of the pot and connect it to a standard air pump, fill the pot with soil, and plant established seedlings or rooted clones in it.

I've been playing around with this for 3 or 4 grows now and believe it to have a place in the cultivation of Cannabis. Aside from the obvious advantage's of added o2 to the roots, this method also makes it very difficult to over water your plants. Plus it aids in drying the soil Quicker, which in turn allows you to go through at least 2 more fertilizer cycles during Flower alone. Provided you start with a quick draining medium.
Those are the advantages that I have already confirmed for myself. I also believe that this method will allow me to achieve large yields from smaller container. I will put this to test as soon as I have 2 rooted clones from the same plant most likely Conquistador as I have just confirmed the sex of 2 out of 2 as female and taken cuttings from each to use as mothers. During this experiment I will take notice of vigor, root growth and health, general plant health, bud shape if any variation, smell differences, water consumption, and finally yield, potency and flavor. but this is all few weeks away.