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    Thread: EZ Lifts For Your HID!

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      Default EZ Lifts For Your HID!

      Hey gang! I have seen several threads with people asking questions about the best way to hang lights, lower/raise lights and so on. Because of tight spaces in small cabinet or closet grows, this can be a problem for some to be able to position their lights at the proper height to take advantage of the maximum lumen output of your light throughout all growth phases.

      Sunrise SunLifts Light Hanging System provides a brilliant way to quickly and easily adjust your lighting height without having to mess with chains and hooks which can very easily lead to damaged plants from mishandling of your light (ie. light falls on plants, plants go "ouch" and die). Most hydro stores handle the Sunrise SunLifts and are priced around $25.00-30.00 for a pair of them. Believe me, the convenience is worth twice the price! Here's some info on the Sunrise SunLifts:

      SunRise SunLifts Light Hanging System

      This hot new hanging system makes adjusting the height of your lamp reflector a snap! Provides easy vertical control of reflector position to maximize growth with proper light distance. Smooth up and down motion with very little effort required, yet your reflector will stay precisely at the height you determine.

      Each reflector hanger will hold a maximum weight of 11 pounds. Two hangers are required for each reflector, with a maximum reflector weight of 22 pounds. Each kit includes 2 SunRise Hangers and stud hooks.

      Reflector not included.

      Essentially, the Sunrise SunLift's are a "block and pulley" type design with spring tension that simply holds the light in place wherever you put it. No unhooking of chains, no screws or screwdrivers need to adjust, in fact, you never disconnect a thing to reposition your light. You simply grab ahold of your reflector and pull it down or lift it up to where you want it and let go. The internal spring reels the cord in as you lift your reflector or allows more string to come out if you pull the reflector down and then automatically stays where you put it. IMHO, there is no better or easier hanging method you can use. I've had two pairs of these for my two 400's and I wouldn't trade them for all the Tea in China (Well, I might trade them for some dank buddage but you can keep your tea! )

      For those reading this that have posted up problems with hanging their lights or having problems adjusting them without destroying their garden, this is something you should seriously consider. With all the things that we have to keep up with to get our ladies to harvest, the Sunrise SunLifts give you one less thing to worry about!


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