Want to see some great looking females? Lets take a look at Lemonade and Soylent Green from clone at day 49. I still run Lemango but shes in the back and a few weeks behind these two so we will have pull her out for a session later.

You may notice that the resins far from Pink more of a Ultra White I knew that the coloring last run was from being in front of the A/C outlet and was not typical of either parent strain naturally. I have got to know these two girls pretty well, we smoked close to 4 jars and I can report for sure the only difference in the two are the amount of Space Queen traits that are in each. The Lemonade is so close to JC its really hard to tell apart with 1 important exception. When choosing the shorter male JTR I was hoping to pass on a shorter profile to the hybrid and I am happy to report obvious success.

Lets see how 49 days does the Jc Dominant Pheno Lemonaide

Spock on Screen!
What the hell is it man?

Some strange 20 headed beast, don't touch it it looks dangerous!

The other trait this female has is speed. My JC f1's aren't even close to this far along even though they have also been budding for 49 days. The Lemon girl will go looks like 8 weeks on the button.

Ok lets look at her buds.

She stayed nice short and bushy and even though taler plants towered over here she looks to have filled out nicely.

Soylent Green coming up!