Hey there, i thought they would never get to go into flower, these girls like heat i think as in my nice cool motheroom they have just sat and slowly inched their way upwards and now outwardstoo...

LA Confidential

These were planted roughly 6 weeks ago and have been under 1200w of mixed Halide Sodium for the past 3 weeks, they were fed on a weak ec along with all the other test plants as to slow them a little while flowering spaces were designated and prepared.

So.. it seems they also do not like a lot of ferts, i will have to try these again soon as i cant work out whether they are just unbelievebly slow in veg or whether my initial feed at day 12 burnt them and slowed them down, if so, there were no traces of leaf signals..ie no burnt tips, redden stems, dulling of leaves, drooping..nada.. these have looked pretty impressive albeit slow, all through their vegative stage

Now here we are Day 1 Of Flower, the chamber is complete and we are ready to see what the fuss is about.. licking my lips as they ahve a very very lovely smell when rubbed between fingers on the stem.. almost foodlike.

As you can see , they have loved the low Ec feed, Mother Earth feed which was probably higher than actually reads on my meters as it organic.

most other plants have yellowed from N defficiency, after hand feeding them B52 a couple of times they have greened back up, But these La's are lush as anything on the same level of nutes, i will start to crank them up during flower and see how they like it, or not... its a waiting game now..

Notice the Funky Mutant Fused stems of the new shoots growing up the main stem, i have 3 females like this out of 7 and also have 1 male the same out of 3, yes. all 10 seeds germinated. I have also marked the height now , so we can see exactly how much they stretch..


More pics each week..