Doh! Here is one of my Black Russian F1 males in early flower showing his resiliant purple traits. I went through the last of the Black Russian seeds, germinated and ended up with some nice specimens. This male within 5 days of trigger shows his violet traits and thick packed resin glands. A ew people have been wondering what is up with the DPD and BR and what is to become of the new reworked mastered peices. Well here is your answer, yes things are about to be improved and badass. You all will also see in the near future a project I have been sitting on for some time, my Furple. Fuple was made by using my colorful Temple Flo pheno and crossed her against the Black Russian for a second Double Purple Strain. I have Furple preparing for flower so I can collect mass drool.

Eventualy you are all in for a wild treat. Not one, not two, but three colorful gems will be finding their way around in Time to come.