Sub here I wanted to say something and you guys know I aint short on words.

Over 10 years ago I was growing down south secluded from the world didnt give out my name info and basically didn't exist to the world. I cropped out close to 6 pounds every 60 days and lived the life of a Stoned Happy hermit.
Life was lonely but good.
After 18 months solo I was staring to get a bit crazy so I decided to have a party.
This event was coded jamaca 1 but it was help at a small farm in Georgia.

The People I invited were all growers in a club that still exist underground with me due to jelousy and egos.
The original attendies were Eric77 (AE), Shabang, Skoosh, Nl420, Pi, and a few locals friends that cooked and catered although we ended up having to help then stand to cook wings after to many cookies were consumed.

From this get together the concept of Overgrow was formed.

Nl420, Skoosh, and Fool girl put in together Shabang did the coding and an idea was formed.
To help others learn the craft and share info and Overgrow the planet.

Over the years it became a troll fest and lost it's focus.

Cannabis world was born and it fed the mission for awhile and many other sites came about.

Breedbay is trully a site that follows in the footsteps of the idea of teaching others saving the genetics and providing a gene pool to protect the species.

Pistils has taken it one step further by demanding support from breeders and even if your names Serious you get no pass here at Breedbay.

I am honored to be the second member here and I hope you guys will all take the time officially to thank Pistils and Doc Bob they work there ass off to bring this this cool as home!