Hi Bbay

I had a phone call this morning from my buddy told me that a package from UK arrived at his home ....

what could it be ?

I came to his house

and ..........

my prize for the TGA photo contest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
labelled with my name !!!!

let's see in what it consist in....

I forgot a last one

again many thanks to TGA for this contest and for the prize , to the people who voted and many thanks to BBay for the quick delivery
(i feel very honoured really )

I'm sorry to inform you ,that if you thought you couldnot see me for a while at bbay you're wrong coz I have to grow all these beauties

=> now I've got a big problem : which one to pop first ? (as I have some Fiesta Mix, Spacetooth and Spacejill left, and I want to make another DPD grow from my clones by the beginning of september (temps are getting to high in my area at this moment to grow inside...)

take care and spread the love