Well I have been waiting to try this strain since it was released and finally I am able to give a smoke report. Genetics are DJ Short's Flo X Jacks Cleaner Blueberry. The top bud was cut at 65 days, almost all cloudy trichomes. The aroma is mostly a cleaner type pungent smell like lemon pinesol and synthetic fuel mixed together but also with fruity and blueberry undertones. Best way to describe it is a fuel / candy medley of greatness mixed with the new Action figure toy smell. The fuel odor isn't like that of the Diesel strains as it smells more like an oil than gasoline. A very unique smell as it doesn't remind me of any other strain I've tried except the hint of blueberry. The taste reminds of lemon candy and sweetness, hard taste to describe as it is very complex. Now on to the stone, quite unique. I have never personally smoked any herb like Floater, the quality of the high is fantastic to say the least. I can slowly feel slight pressure come into my head and eyes and at first its quite pleasant and comforting, but as the high progresses my body slowly numbs and feels tingly and my whole body together seems to "hum". Heart rate goes up a good bit but the effect is not super racey. I then feel as if im in another world because objects appear glossy and more 3D like as in a computer game, inanimate objects seem to have energy running through them. My head feels like its flying and although If I sit still my body feels as if its numbed and down but also up at the same time like my body doesn't feel gravity so to speak. When I sit and stare straight ahead watching the road from a distance vehicles look like ants as if they are being projected some how at a slightly different framerate on a projector screen. Smoking a good bit of floater can give quite a trippy experience. I can say honestly I've never smoked anything that mimics those effects and it is truly unique. I will never let go of this strain and now I'm super excited to collect more of TGA's strains. I recommend Floater to any stoner.