One of my favourite recipes is The Yoghurt. Prepare in a teaspoon enough hash for a decent spliff. Add a small amount of cooking oil into the spoon so that it covers all the hash. Then heat the spoon with a lighter for about 2 minutes. The cooking oil will start to bubble and become cloudy with a dark colour. The oil extracts the THC from the hash and 'brings it to the surface'. When all the hash has dispersed into the oil, have a yoghurt ready prepared. Dip the spoon, with its contents, into the yoghurt and stir. Leave for 5 minutes to let it disperse into the yoghurt, however if you can't wait that long, eating instantly is still alright. When finished, throw away yoghurt carton and prepare for a trip!

Tips from 'Peach':

1. Let the oil/hash mixture cool before mixing to avoid curdling the yoghurt.
2. Use as little oil as possible so as not to impair the yoghurt's flavour.
3. If you only have one spoon, let it cool before diving in!__________________