Well I have been waiting as long as possible to pull Tiny Bomb out of the back of the room till day 45 passed so I could harvest some lowers as we ran short by a few days. Although we can grow enough for our two patients and our selves we seeded 3 full size plants last run and we had the 5 A/B hybrids that ended up being tossed ½ was through when they showed Herm traits.
So even though we have plenty of cookies, butter, kief and even some oil theres nothing like top self dank and this girl is one of the best I have ever encountered.

Mondo Macro!

Smells like super sour candy as many of my favorites do but there is also an under liying funk that comes on later.

People are always asking if I would breed with this plant. Well to be honest I am positive it's located in the Space Queen f2's. Even though we used the largest and slightly different phenotype to breed with when you grow out the f2's your going to get a slight variation. The smaller phenotypes that are more resinous harder buds and a more triangular shape that's closer to the Romulan side of things as the larger and rounded buds are to me more a Cindy trait.

I love this weed.