Well day 45 here and as the bud room swells to completion over the next 15 days it's time to take clones.
The plants in veg have been under 18/6 since this same task was done on the last crop.
If you follow my 3 area set up you know that by some manual labor and lots of close attention I am able to load a crop every 50 days. It is going to be real hard this time as I have some monster plants that finish late that are not going to fit into the shorter veg room so I will have to work it out.

The Bud room is completely packed with wall to wall towering colas in the rear and shorter sticky bushes in the front.

Bud Room

The Ripper Lemon

The pathetic looking but extremly potent and amazing buzz


Tinybomb is looking amazing at day 45 and there isn't a white hair left on the plant. I will move her forward and get pics tomorrow but as I looked into the Veg room today all but the 2 JTR and one A-13 are ready to go 12/12 or they will be to tall.

Time for MzJill to work her magic and replicate all our moms. Even though I don't keep mother plants I make sure we take clones while plants are super healthy and in full vegetive state.

I think these qualify?

What will we do?

Lets find out!!