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    Thread: Rellikbuzz's "Anti-Bust" Box!!

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      Default Rellikbuzz's "Anti-Bust" Box!!

      I built this collapsable growroom for Fernandro and Cemchris recently. This is in a rental property and they didn't want to destroy their place to be able to host a grow. With that in mind, I designed a self-contained growbox that could be collapsed within 15-20 minutes and be ready to haul off. I wanted these guys to have a fighting chance in case things didn't look right and be able to wipe their grow in no time! However, this in no small growbox. This unit when assembled stands 6' tall and measures 7' x 7' with one 1000 watt HPS suspended from it. You can grow 10-15 big bushes or, as in Fern's and Chris's case, a 40 plant SOG easily in it.

      I used 2 x 4's for the framing and built sixteen panels that measure 3'6" x 3'. One of these sixteen units is stacked on top of another (on end) to create a single wall unit that now measures 3'6" x 6'. I installed two 3" hinges where these two units connect so that the upper unit folds down next to the lower unit and can be carried away very quickly and easily. The individual units are held together by two 3 1/2" bolts with washers and wing nuts so it comes apart very quickly.

      We stapled Black and White Poly to the insides of the walls for maximum reflectivity. Notice we used 1" x 1" cut squares of plastic (from a plastic yard sign) to prevent the poly from tearing away from the staples.

      To create an entrance to the unit, I framed two sides of the 7' x 7' box to have doors. You can see this in the photo below. We used Black and White poly draped over the opening as the door. In this case, the unit doesn't have a ceiling. It's open on top. The door to the bedroom that the "Anti-Bust Box" sits in is never opened when lights are off so light leaks weren't a concern. However, it would be very easy to use the poly to create a ceiling and you can seal it tight enough for CO2 to be used. Obviously, if you were to add the ceiling, you would need to compensate with intake and extraction fans to get good ventilation happening inside. In this case, only the reflector is getting vented to control heat buildup.

      (Sorry the photos don't show it very well as it's hard to get back far enough to get a full view of it in the lens. I got lazy and didn't do a step-by-step photography like I intended to but you can certainly get the idea from these pics)

      Since building this prototype unit (that high-tech inventor speak ), I've thought that trying to build one out of tubular aluminum. The kind of tubular aluminum that they use for those Soccer Mom foldable chairs you see. In fact, the more I thought about it, it would be cool if the "Anti-Bust Box" could foldup similar to the soccer chair and slide into a bag that you could just pick up by it's handle and carry it right out. Well, while this particular unit that I'm about to show doesn't do that, it's pretty damned close to what I was thinking about. Pics are the ones on the left. I screwed up. Not used to placing attachments here yet. Anyway, the description is below and the pics are the small ones at the top left.

      The Hydro-Hut

      -Instant Indoor Greenhouse
      -Customize the interior as you choose.
      -Light tight & waterproof
      -Easy assembly
      -Allows for intake and exhaust venting w/ blowers

      The HydroHut is available in two sizes (see options):
      1) 52"x52"x7'
      2) 52"x104"x7'

      The HydroHut Deluxe will hold double the lighting of its little brother. The 4 foot 2 inch by 8 foot 2 inch by 7 foot tall instant grow room will accommodate almost all 4x8 trays and systems. Two vents, one for intake and one for exhaust can be attached to centrifugal blowers to properly cool this indoor growing powerhouse. The Deluxe version is made to hold up to 2 1000 watt lights. You can use 600's or 400's of course, but the key is that this baby is set up to be properly vented. The newly designed filter and blower bracket will easily hold a large centrifugal blower and charcoal carbon filter on the ceiling. We recommend using a 6 to 8 inch centrifugal blower to exhaust the unit. The duct flanges are 6 inches in diameter, so if you're using an 8 inch blower, please also purchase a 6-8 inch adapter (see related products). You can duct to the HydroHut using optional dual flanges available here as well. Each HydroHut Deluxe comes with 2 flanges that will take a duct hose on one side each, i.e. a duct to the hut for intake and a duct from the exhaust blower to the exhaust vent. The optional flanges will take duct hose from 2 sides, allowing you to vent all the way outside or to attach an A/C unit up to the intake side. There are 2 fan brackets that attach to the frame to hold 2 circulating fans inside the HydroHut Deluxe. Same thick wall plastic/canvass outside as the original HydroHut will insure no light leaking in or out. Double floor with thermally sealed joints will prevent any water leaking outside the HydroHut. The HydroHut Deluxe unzips from every side. This gives you the ability to service your garden from any angle. Several access holes are located around the HydroHut to allow you to exit all electrical cords and each access hole has an extra wide light-tight cover. This is a high quality constructed product. It is made for the serious enthusiast by serious enthusiasts. This product ships in 2 boxes and will take about 45 minutes to assemble. The directions are clear and each step is noted with a picture.

      So, you get the idea. The Hydro Hut is apparently made here in Texas in Austin. The retail for $276.99 for the 4' x 4' and the 4' x 8' unit is $516.99. Needless to say, mine was a lot cheaper but not nearly as slick.

      I wanted to post this up for those who would like to grow but don't want to destroy their place by having a grow. Maybe this will spur some ideas for yourself. If you need more info to try and build you own version of Rellikbuzz's "Anti-Bust" Box, just PM me and I'll try to help you out! Thanks.

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