Hi there, i have been worried that i cant seem to get through all the genetics submitted for testing fast enough, so to step up the pace a little we have started to construct a testroom to enable much faster testing of new breeders genetics..

We also now have a need for males as we intend to do some breeding of our own, which will kickstart very soon with our samui x Jacks suprise cross and our Jacks suprise F2 Seed Crop.

There will be 7 Test chambers in total as well as the testlab, Doc bob and i have to tandem for 2 days each as this site is in europe and takes hours to get to it so we stay onsite in our caravan, which is a bit battered but it keeps the rain off..

So.. this is how it will pan out..

Chamber M1 is for males - 90% complete
Chamber S1 is Seed crops - In build stage
Chamber S2 is Seed Crops - in build stage

<B1 Digital Ballast Ventronic - Sunmaster

Then 4 Testchambers for Breeder TEst Blooms

B1 - 90% Complete
B2 -
B3 -
B4 -

I will continually add to this thread and also add a start to finsih photo tutorial on chamber frame construction, sealing, fitting a door zip, choosing your extraction/Filter Mounting and lighting and grow system build and running guides..

So if you are considering building a chamber i m hoping this will come in handy to anyone a little puzzled at how to get it all ticking niceley..