I have a couple of Jacks Suprise males ready to drop pollen and i am going to test the pollen oput on a couple of test crosses, just to test whatthe male gives or takes away in a cross..

So, i thought id try to catch as much of this gold dust as i can, heres what i have done to try to catch as much as i can..

A JUst openned Male Flower with its Pollen Sacks hanging Heres one thats dropped its Pollen... see it on the leaf... Darn I missed some..

I have cut square sections of Correx board and slit so it can be slid onto stems and act as a catching plate, i have added a few under each large flower cluster.

I have also added some zip bags over branches with air holes along the top to try and stop sweating.. ill post results in a few days and tell you how i got on..