My friend has grown out many different nervana strains and had several white rhino grows. Usually the rhino grows are fairly uniform, mostly indica and quite good. This last time she found something different. An almost completely sativa mutant freak that yeilds twice as much as anything she's ever grown. And what does it yield? By far the strongest most overpoweringly potent smoke that I or any one I know has ever tried. I am no great expert having only smoked local,commercial and a few nervana strains. However I have had two different, unaquainted people who have each been to amsterdam in search of the kind, tell me that they have never tried anything like this. One hard core stoner told me that this stuff takes the fun out of smoking. Another got sea sick while fishing on a quiet freshwater creek. What my friend and I would like to know is (she refuses to register or post on a site like this. just too scared [smart]. while I have no worries) how unusual is this plant? anyone else find freaks this powerfull? And most importantly what is the best way to preserve or even improve these genes? Selfing? Breed to more rhino? Cross to something else? Cross to what? Any informed replies would be greatly appreciated.