If you follow me you may know two things.
I smoked our crop last run with a new product Iguano Juice My already hot soil didn't do well with one addition so I tuned the soil and were back on track.

Running ½ super soil in bottom and ½ roots organics on top perfection has been achieved.

The second thing you may know about our garden is it's full of incredibly fast strains.

This is Tinybomb SpaceJill @ day 42.

This is my favorite smoke and I am happy that even though shes still not a huge plant I have learned to squeeze the most buds out of her that she is capable of.

Her Key is low food early and let dry between waterings.

She been fed only water and once some B-cuzz and sweet leaf catalist at day 35.

Primo Cannabis

Sticky Lungs seemed pretty impressed with the Mango smell and totally agreed it smeled like smashed rotting fruit beside a curb at a island fruit stand as it rots in the hot sun.

Stand By The Ripper Cometh