anybody got any suggestions, beside the obvious, "blend in with other plants, and dont leave a trail" kinda b/s. my babies came up in the middle of january (weird enough right) and now are pretty massive units, instead of planting them around other vegetations, i brought the vegetation to them, which i feel was smarter but ultimately more difficult in the long run. Also they got so big so quickly that i had to basically LST them, having been inspired by subcool's lastest article in HEADS magazine, "bondage techiniques" I basically took this cluster of three plants and spread them in opposite directions. then removed some of the fan leaves (that were massive in their own rights, atleast 2x the size of a grown man's hand.) to allow more direct light to the center of the plants, I.E. to knew growth. Well basically theres alot of helicopter movement in my area as I am close to a major interstate. and as i have been smoking the chronic for awhile i have become pretty paranoid, jail isnt a good place. Anybody got any little tips they'd like to share?