Well thought it time i do a documented grow of probably my favorite strain.

These are 9 Super Silver Haze cuts taken from a reveged mother. From 2005 seed stock. Shes what i call the winning SSH pheno. 12 weeker and very great even body / head stone. And a hazey smell that fills the air and over powers anything else being smoked in the room.

These 9 ladies are about 20 days old from cutting and have been in my 1mx1mx2m HomeTent with 400w mhal and 2 x 200w cfls for 5 days. They are potted into their final 10 lt coco / perlite mix pots and on an every other day feed scheme on House and Garden at 0.8 ec and 5.8 ph. With root exel, superthrive and Hydrotops Bactivator.

These will get about another 3 days veg then will be flicked into flower as already about 12 inches in height. They have all been pinched as well.