I was not sure where to post this so here it goes


1x 4" hose collar
1x 4" End Cap
1x 8"to4" reducer
1x 8" End Cap
1 roll of hardware cloth (The metal screen I use on this)
6x 4" hose clamps
^^^^ The Hardware Store ^^^^
2 pair of queen sized black pantyhose
^^^^ The Grocry Store ^^^^
14 liters of Activated charbon
^^^^ The Pet Shop ^^^^

I started by building the two tubes. I wrapped the hardware cloth around the 4" end cap and 4" collar, Cut it to size leaving about 1" of overlap, then used the hose clamps to hold it together.


I then did the same with the 8"to4" reducer and the 8" end cap. You will need to put the smaller one into this one and make a good fit top to bottom. so it is good to dry fit it and adjust it a little. I used 2 of the 4" hose clamps, put end to end, to make an 8" hose clamp to hold this together.


Now take the pantyhose and cut the legs off. Stretch 2 of the legs over the 4" piece you made. This is a cover so the activated carbon does not fall through the hardware cloth.


You will want to do the same with the 8" piece and make sure it is covered.

Now you will want to remove the 4" to 8" reducer from the end of the 8" piece and set the 4" piece inside the 8" one. This will leave you with a gap all the way around



Once in place I put 1" of stuffing (Cotton) in the bottom around the 4" piece. I put it in place using a wooden dowl I had. I then poured the Activated Carbon in filling the space. I put about 1" of stuffing at the top, reattached the 4" to 8" reducer and clamped it into place.


Hook up your hose and blower and it is ready to go.