Ok folks this thread is basically just to give new growers some tips on using their nutrients properly.

I'll start with some basic EC/CF ratings that can be used on pretty much any variety. Firstly to feed your plants properly you must have an EC pen/stick. An EC pen/stick measures total dissolved solids TDS in EC/CF or PPM. EC stands for electrical conductivity, CF for Conductivity factor and PPM for Parts per million. The measures I am giving here sre in EC or CF to convert EC to CF simply place a decimal point between the numbers eg 10CF=1.0EC

Hydro systems PH 5.5-6.2:

Clones: 0.4-0.6EC
Veg growth: 0.6-1.2EC
Bloom period: 1.2-1.8EC

Soil PH 6.2-6.5:

Clones: PH 6.2-6.5 water
Veg growth: 0.5-1.0EC
Bloom period: 1.0-1.5EC

With most soil's you will not need to add any liquid nutrient for the first 2-3 weeks of the plants life depending on the size of the container, unless the soil is labeled as Lightly fertillised eg Bio bizz lightmix in which case you start feeding after 1 week.

With any method either with soil or hydro start the food level off low and build up gradually to the maximum. Some varietys will take a higher EC level than stated in the above measures, but you should'nt really need to.

In hydro systems where the nutrient is re-circulated the PH should be set to 5.5 and then allowed to drift over the space of a few days to 6.2 before being set back down to 5.5. I find that this is the easiest and most efficient way of managing ph, as you are allowing the plant to experience the full ph range that it thrives in.

Here are some useful little tips for nutrient management/feeding:

Refresh your hydro nutrient resevoir every week.

Always add all nutrients/addatives to the water first then PH adjust after. If possible allow your nutrients to sit for 24 hrs before ph adjusting and feeding to the plants.

Let tap water stand (if possible with an airstone bubbling away) for 24hrs if possible to allow chlorine evaporate from it.

If your unsure of any symptoms your plants are displaying eg burned tips and edges (Over fertillisation/salt build up) , or necrotic patches on leaves etc Give the media/rootmass a good flush with ph adjusted water (r run the system with it for 24hrs) then resume feeding once it has dryed or at the next interval. In the case of over fertillisation/tixic salt build up, after flushing lower the food strength to the next lower level that you know doesn't burn them (or 0.2-0.4EC).

Re-circulating hydro systems should be topped up with ph adjusted water if the EC rises in the res, and with nutrients if the EC level drops; top up with base foods in veg and alternate between base foods and boosts if topping up a few times a week in bloom when plants are feeding heavily.
If the level drops but the EC stays stable top up with water and add nutrients after if needed.

Flush hydro systems every 10 days to 2 weeks with pure ph adjusted water. Enzymes can be added to the water to revitalise roots.
Soil growers should flush to a 20% run off every 2 feeds to avoid salt build up. In bloom when plants are feeding heavyily 3 consecutive feeds or more can be given before giving the soil a good flush.

Hope this helps someone.........

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