What up y'all. Presently working on my first grow E&F style and just to get goin' I wanna be as simple, effecient and clean as possible. With that in mind I decided on going straight chem using Technaflora's B.C. nute line up, which includes their supplement ThriveAlive B1 (Red & Green), mainly sea-kelp. Well, everything is nice and clean until this is added, adding to the ppm's and just overall makes a mess. Makes cleaning out the res a pain too.

So my Q is, while still working with B.C. Bloom and Veg, is there anything I can use besides ThriveAlive? I'd like the res water to be as easy to clean as possible. Have to drain down the bath tub and can't afford stopping the system up (the main reason for the clean/low matter particulate substitute). Thanks for the time fellow cannabis loving peeps!! And have a Super Stoney 4/20!! Peace............Blazin