It's a question that all growers ask at some point. "Should I trim/prune my plants?" It's been a difficult question to answer and always generates a lot of controversy about whether it's beneficial or damaging to remove older, yellowing or even healthy, green fan leaves.

Below is a link to one of the latest questions that I have uploaded into the Breedbay Overgrow GrowFAQ's. Originally submitted by Neitzsche, this FAQ discusses both the "pros" and the "cons" of fan leaf removal and also delves into a discussion of a fan leaf's function in the growing process. A great read that provides a great deal of insight into this often controversial topic.

Growing Consensus Synopsis Paper: Should Fan Leaves be Trimmed?

After reading this great FAQ, please feel free to post up your opinion of "trimming" your plants and how it works or doesn't work for you. Should make for some great discussion!