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    Thread: Building an Aeroponic System

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      Default Building an Aeroponic System

      Stuff needed! (The parts list makes 2 systems like the one shown.)

      3.5" hole saw
      2" hole saw
      Pilot hole/Counter sink drill bit.
      Jig Saw
      PVC Saw
      tape measure
      PVC primer
      PVC Cement
      A Set of drill Bits
      A Black Sharpie Marker
      A Good First Aid Kit
      (1) package of 150grit sand paper
      (4) 6' 1x6
      (3) 6' 2x4's (Have the hard ware store cut it into 2' sections (3 per board))
      (4) 10' 6" diameter PVC pipes
      (8) 2" PVC drains
      (2) 5' 1.25" PVC Pipes
      (3) 1.25" 90deg PVC Joints
      (7) 1.25" PVC T Joints
      (16) 6" PVC end caps
      (32) 360deg Sprayers
      (3) 15' lengths of 1/4" rubber tubing
      (4) Hydra connectors
      (4) 5' 1/2" PVC tubing
      (2) 1/2" PVC Cross Connectors
      (4) 1/2" 90deg PVC Connectors
      (4) 1/2" to Threaded 1/2" PVC Connectors
      (1) box galvanized decking screws.
      (56) 3.75" net cups
      (2) 15gal Ruber Made tubs
      (2) 1000GPH pumps

      The First thing I did was cut each of the 10'x6" diameter PVC Pipes in half.
      I layed it out on my work area and ran the tape measure the length of the pipe.


      I then Put a mark on both sides of the tape measure at the 5 foot mark.


      I then turned the PVC tube 1/4 of the way and repeated until I had 4 sets of marks


      I then Connected the dots by hand with the black sharpie marker.


      Once I had a line all the way around the pipe I took the PVC Saw and started cutting the pipe. I had to cut a little ways through it and turn the pipe then cut a little more until I had a cut all the way around it. I then continued to cut a little and turn the pipe until I cut through it.


      I did this on each tube until I had all 4 cut into 5' lengths (8 total)

      Now to the table.

      I took the 6' long 1x6 planks and cut them in half making 8 3' 1x6 planks.
      I then took one of the planks, measured 1" from the end and put a mark (A), I then measured 3" from that mark and placed a second mark(B), then 3" down from the top (Lined up with the second mark) and put a mark (C).
      I then set one of the tubes on the board and lined it up with mark A and mark C. This should put the tube 1" from the edge and 3" from the bottom of the board. I then drew a line around the tube.


      I then repeated the steps placing mark A 1" from the line I just drew.


      I placed 4 tube notches on each board then measured 1" from the last notch and put a line.
      I then used the jug saw to cut out the notches


      and to cut the extra off the end of the board.


      After the first board was done I layed it on top of the second board and traced it. (Do this on 4 of the board)


      I then cut the other boards to match the first.

      Now to assemble! Put the pilot hole/counter sink bit into the drill


      Get 4 of the 2x4's, take 2 of then and cut 3" of the bottom of the board. (We want the table at a slight angel.)

      Now I lined the board up and clamped it into place. I put the 2x4 1 boards width in from the edge.


      and drilled the pilot holes with counter sinks.


      and use galvanized decking screws to screw them together.

      Once both sides are together I clamp one of the uncut board to it, drill the pilot holes and screw it together.


      I do the other side and stand it up. One table down!


      I move the table into the room and start putting tubes on it. (Just a place to store them tell I can get to the rest of it.


      Here it is with all the tubes on it, And look my friendly orbs had decided to show up and give me a hand. (They have shown up in quite a few of these build pictures. I am taking it as a sign of good luck )



      Now to construction of the tubes.

      I start by measuring 1/2 of the tubes length (2'6") and make a mark. From that mark I measure out making a mark every 8". This gives me 7 marks per tube.


      I then clamp down 1 end of the tube


      and put the 3.5" hole saw into the drill



      Now drill the first hole. (I started in the center and worked my way out) Make sure you have a GOOD hold of the drill, when the 3.5" hole saw binds it will try to rip the drill from your hands! If not, well there is a first aid kit in the list of stuff to have. I know I used my many time during the project!




      Once all the holes are cut you want to load a 19/64" drill bit into the drill and drill a hole on either side of the center 3.5" hole.



      I then skip a spot and drill a hole. This puts 4 small hole in the pipe

      I then put the 2" hole saw into the drill, turn the pipe over and drill a 2" hole in the other side of the pipe (bottom) at about the location of the last hole in the pipe. This will be the drain hole.


      Now that the holes are drilled in the pipe, it is time to clean it up a little.
      Take the sand paper and clean off the holes you just drilled. This will remove the "burs" from the pipe.


      Once this is done, get your 2" snap in PVC drain


      and remove the sticker.


      I like to dry fit it in the bottom hole and make sure there is a good fit.


      Now you need your PVC primer and PVC cement.


      You want to coat the drain and the inside lip of the pipe with the primer


      Place cement around the outside of the drain and snap it in from the inside of the pipe.


      Now take the 1.25" PVC and the PVC saw, cut a 3" long piece of it off.


      Now put the primer on the inside of the drain and around the end of the PVC, then put cement around the end of the PVC and snap the drain pipe into place

      Now clean the pipe out, put the end caps on it, set it on the table and drop 7 3.75" net cups in the holes. Just to get an idea how it looks

      Only 3 more to do for this table.


      The table is finished, the holes are cut in all the tubes, Now to the manifold!

      The manifold routes the water from the pump to the sprayers, My first one was done to the traditional standard, take a 1/2" PVC pipe, drill holes, glue plugs in place, and hook it up. Man it failed spectacularly! Water sprayed every where. So I redesigned it and have a new and improved manifold

      Ok you will need, 2x2' 1/2" PVC pipes, 2x6" 1/2" PVC pipes, 2x2" 1/2" PVC pipes, 2x1/2" to Threaded ends, 1 x 1/2" PVC end cap, and 1 1/2" X connector.



      You will also need 2 of these 9 port hydra connectors.


      I start by dry assembling the the setup to make sure it all fits.



      I then go back and prime and glue the stuff together.


      I then put a 2" hole on each end of the table. and hang the manifold upside down under the table.


      I also run the 1/4" hose in the sprayer hole and under the table. Then cut to length.

      These get plugged into the hydra connector.



      I then pull the hose through the hole and attach the sprayers.




      I hook up the drainage, NOTE: The camera is at an angle it leans to the left of the picture and drains out the hole.


      After this I plugged it in and tested it for a bit. Make sure there are no leaks!


      You then cut some holes in the top of your 15gal Ruber Made bucket and put it in place of the 5gal bucket.

      Note: Go back and silicon all the joints where the pipes come togeather. I had leaks develop 4 weeks into flowering when the weight caused stuff to shift.
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