It's amazing how screwed up a Stoners files can get when he has 3 separate computers.
I was moving stuff around the other day and found like 3 gigs of Breeding pictures from making the first JC bx.

I took these with a Nikon 4300 that's only a 3 MP cam but it still had a decent macro set up. Were going to get up close and personal with JC, JCB and collecting and pollinating a F1. I won't do any large pics as its going to be long enough as it is but I think it will be cool to watch her grow up from day to day. I was so happy to have her back I took pics almost daily.

I can't find the damn sad ass pic of the clone that I brought back from “Walking Dudes” house but these are actual shots from the JC at 2 weeks from that day. I didn't even know yet if I really had my baby back as the keeper was pretty much a “Chong” style grower, and seemed to loose a lot of strains

I drove like 2800 miles to get this clone

At the same time he is a good dude and man of his word so we have some JCB male pictures from seed to show growing up at the same time. In these days I really have to come clean and say I really didn't know a lot about selection I just knew JC was bad as and the male came from JCB seeds that produced Batgirl and FrostyB. As it turns out in this case I choose the dominant male the tallest largest and first to bud. My misguided selection criteria were Vigor and size.

Sneak in a shot of Killer queen as well
Dannys Mommy.