I swear I made this post once before but I can not find it.
I always joke about closet breeder pollen chunker but recently comments were made to the effect we are not breeders and just make copies of others work.

Lets take a look at Breeding a Strain.

There are many schools of thought on this one many like A/B hybe and STP feel that using STS to reverse a clone and create a stress herm to out cross with or in Soma's case he uses clones that have very late male flowers or naners. Don't think we can't do this JC and OV get these after day 60 so it's not magic and I love Soma but IMO it's the easy way out. My mom always told me anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. I feel the male is essential in the proper breeding of any hybrid and when working with 4-6 Elite mothers and fathers from the same genetic pool you get the magic island effect or the Galapagos theory. This is my own and in isolation with inter breeding among special hybrids can crate magic. Look at the amazing colorful birds on isolated island that did not get a chance to breed with the dull and or ordinary but instead the extraordinary. Got it?

Lets look at some pictures that I have yet to see other Established breeders post.

Selecting Sputnik for back crossing.

When cubing a strain it is important to start with a mom you know is very stable, with stands stress and shock well, is a strain you absolutly love and in my case I have cracked over 3000 seeds so I think I have a decent eye for what at least pleases me.

Now we do not work with thousands of plants but this is far from breeding in a trailer bathroom with 1 male and 1 female with plants covered in mites ( yes a fairly reputable breeder created a well known strain under these conditions)

Lets look at our test labs in other contries.

So we really are passionate about this stuff and our goal is to make better genetics for US to enjoy the fact we make enough for others is what we call down south gravy.

Lets look at a few fems.

Ok Jills home with food I'll be back with more breeding info please post questions at this time.