new grow just started i germed 5 Connie seeds all 5 popped on 4-5-06. 1 never made it through the soil the other 4 are coming along fine. this is my third grow and my first with Connie and i don't know if i should top these plants or let them grow naturally and if i should top them when is the best time to do so.
i am growing in soil will be chemically fed (because i can't find decent organic ferts in my area). Vegged under 6x42watt cfl's and will flower under a 400w HPS in a cabinet 22x26x59 temps range from 78-84 degrees with lights on i am still trying to get the heat down some more, but i still have time before flowering. How long should if vegged my last grow i vegged for 5 weeks and my plants were 4" tall i don't want 4" plants because i don't have light to penatrate the lower branches.

help please all advise will be appreciated thank you